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Why live in a shared house?

What are the Benefits of living in a Shared house

Living in a shared house has become very normal and also very on trend as there are many benefits.

If you are unsure about the benefits of rooms to rent in house shares, take a look below, and we’re sure you’ll change your mind!

Save money

Now this might seem obvious but let’s be honest, this is one of the biggest benefits of co-living. The rent is cheaper as you are sharing a house. Utility bills (gas, electric, council tax, water, broadband) are often included in house shares and so is the furniture.

So really there are hardly any other expenses at all.

Meet new people

Living with other people means you make new connections and new contacts. If you are new to a city, your housemates will already be familiar with the area and can give you advice on where the best shops, cafes etc are. It’s definitely a way of meeting new people, and lifelong friendships often begin in houseshares.

Improved Mental health

Living alone can sometimes feel very lonely; the lack of social interaction can make you feel isolated and damage your mental health. When you rent a room in a shared house there are other people around, and even if its only saying hi or having a cup of coffee with a housemate in the kitchen, its good and healthy to interact with others.

Less chores

Not only do you share the chores in a shared house, but often a cleaner comes in regularly to help with the housework. This is a great benefit! However, you do have to contribute too – you are expected to clean up after yourself and look after the property like your own – for example do your dishes after cooking, clean the shower tray for the next person, and keep the shared areas free of clutter.

Greater tolerance

When you rent a room in a shared house you become more tolerant of other people. Co-living often means you mix and mingle with different people from different backgrounds; this can broaden your mind and make you more tolerant of differences. It can also improve communication skills, as if there’s a problem, you have to talk to your house mates and find solutions together.