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Best guaranteed rent for landlords

If you’re fed up with the stresses and strains of being a landlord but want to keep your investment property in Leicester and receive GUARANTEED rental payments EVERY month, we can help.

We’ve been providing outstanding property management services in Leicester since 2007 and guarantee an excellent service regardless of pandemic disruption and voids.

Frequently asked questions

How does Guaranteed Rent work?

We pay you a Guaranteed Rent every month with no fees or commissions.

At a very basic level we lease the property from you and become YOUR tenant. If needed, we bring the property up to the requirements of our customers – generally young working tenants. We then rent the rooms on individual ASTs and take care of EVERYTHING. As we are your tenants you will only ever have to deal with us.

We start paying you your Guaranteed rent as soon as the property is ready to let. This could be from the day we sign the lease or as soon as any refurb is carried out.

How much Guaranteed Rent will you give me?

We pay market rent and the amount depends on the size of your house, the location and current condition.

You will receive more rent than you would working with a high street agent as there are no management fees, tenant find fees, inventory fees or any of the other hidden fees that eat away at your monthly cash flow.

Also you don’t lose money for voids, as we pay you the same guaranteed rent whether your property is empty or tenanted. A survey by Spare Room showed that most properties have a void period for at least 6 weeks a year, and that was before the pandemic!

You will never again have to worry about voids.

What type of houses do you take on, and where?

All types, but normally houses or flats with a minimum of 3 bedrooms and 2 receptions.

It can have parking or not, have a big garden or not. It doesn’t even have to be in good condition. If you’re unsure, please contact Lorraine via the Contact Page to find out if we can help.

How long does the Guaranteed Rent last?

Our Guaranteed Rent contracts are initially for 3 years.

Once our landlords take advantage of our service, we find that they never leave us and instead choose to extend their contracts over and over again.

We work hard to consistently retain the best standards in all areas, and have been offering Guaranteed Rent to landlords in Leicester for over 7 years now.

Can you provide references?

Yes and we will happily put you in contact with landlords who are already working with us.

What if the tenants don’t pay rent?

If the tenants don’t pay the rent then we still pay you your Guaranteed Rent. That’s one of the biggest differences between us and a traditional letting agent.

From day one we are responsible, and will have to deal with any lost rent, potential damage or misbehaviour. We also deal with calls, emergencies and in fact all tenant issues.

So you can sleep soundly at night and not have these worries.

Must the property be in good condition and furnished?

Not necessarily. Sometimes we will carry out a light refurbishment at our own cost. If there are larger works needed we can help you complete them at a reduced cost.

We take on properties either furnished or with no furniture. If the furniture is in very poor condition then we will often replace it at our cost too.

Who pays for ongoing repairs?

We cover the cost of minor repairs for the duration of the contract which can also be a huge saving for you.

As the landlord you will still be responsible for larger repairs, safety checks, and repairs to the heating and hot water systems. Our contract will state our full responsibilities along with yours.

We will manage all repairs for you – we have our own team of fully qualified tradesmen that we use for maintenance and general repairs. We will always get quotes for larger maintenance work before proceeding. However, if you prefer to use your own tradesmen, that’s fine also.

I’m interested, what do I do next?

Simply send us a message here with your contact info and availability and we will get back to you straight away to arrange a call.

We’re accredited HMO landlords

We’ve been working with landlords since 2007, and we’re accredited HMO landlords ourselves. With us you’ll get first-class property management services, guaranteed rent every single month, no fees or commissions at all and excellent references from our current landlords.

Rent your room to young professionals

Leicester has seen an influx of young professionals in recent years, making it one of the most economically important cities in the East Midlands. Job opportunities in science research, education, retail and finance at places like Loughborough University, Next, Goldsmiths and Pepsico bring in working professionals who are looking for house-shares. Renting to workers who have moved to the city is a great way to let out your room and make sure it’s looked after.