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How to choose a Room to rent

Renting a room can sometimes feel daunting. There are a lot of things to sort and finding somewhere that feels like home is essential. In order to make this easier for you, we’ve listed 6 important considerations before choosing a room to let in Leicester.

1. How much rent

When searching for a room you’re advised to set your budget ie a secure monthly amount you can afford each and every month to pay for room let. The monthly amount for rooms to rent in Leicester will differ depending on the area, the number of rooms in the house, the size (single or double) and type of room (with or without an ensuite) and which bills are included.

2. Property features

Houses have different features, and when you rent a room it’s important you choose a shared house with features that match your needs. These features might include a certain number of bathrooms, a dishwasher, a flatscreen TV, and many more. Decide carefully which features are most important to you, as getting this bit right will make all the difference to your stay.

3. Location

Knowing where you want your room let in Leicester to be is really important. We can’t stress this enough, do you RESEARCH beforehand. You might be traveling back and forth to work everyday, or want to work go to a specific gym, so check the distance from the room to rent. Check the public transport possibilities too if you will be using them – Google maps is great for this.

4. Parking

Parking is another consideration that is often overlooked with shared houses. If you are using public transport, this won’t matter. However if you own a car, check if the house share has parking available before you view. There could be car park spaces on the drive, but more likely it will be street parking – so check if this is free and unrestricted, or if its permit only. Permit parking isn’t necessarily expensive but find out first as you may need to include this in your budget.

5. House mates

A house share means just that: You will be sharing a house with other people that you probably wont know. Get informed – ask the landlord or agent about the others who rent rooms. Find out their gender, age range and occupation to see if they will be compatible with you. There’s nothing worse than getting this wrong: for example you work on early shifts and you end up living with students who want to party the night away.

6. Utilities

Utilities means running costs for the shared house for example gas and electric. These are not always included in the monthly rent amount, or they may be capped. Ask about this or you might be in for a nasty surprise. Some properties only include electricity or water. Others might include both or none at all.